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Desarrollo de productos


The design and engineering teams at brennenstuhl® develop successful, innovative products for home, trade, and industrial use.

brennenstuhl® products distinguish themselves through exemplary design that perpetually accounts for ergonomic comfort.

Our designers work closely with our product developers. This allows for solutions to be created and realised, solutions that have made their mark on modern industrial design in our times:


The name brennenstuhl® stands for quality, safety, and appealing design. brennenstuhl® engineers and technicians are constantly developing new products and manufacturing methods. They naturally adhere to general safety standards, international norms, and country specific regulations.

In order to meet the needs and desires of the users during development, our product developers, designers and construction engineers work closely with our sales and marketing force.

New product development is successfully combined with cutting edge 3D-CAD technology, from product design to construction engineering and on to tool fabrication.

The use of state-of-the-art rapid prototyping processes allows realistic models of the finished product to be created very early in development. This model serves for a constructive, visual, and tactile evaluation of the product.


Quality Assurance

Constant investment in product quality and quality assurance are guiding principles at brennenstuhl®. High quality and dependability are the fundaments of our corporate concept.

Our production processes observe the most stringent of quality measures, measures that reflect what our customers need now. brennenstuhl® products are tested globally by independent institutions like VDE, TÜV, Employer's Liability Insurance Association, ÖVE, SEV, SEMKO, NEMKO, and KEMA, among others. But we also conduct quality tests in our own laboratories to meet our own high quality standards.

Our laboratories are outfitted and arranged to allow for long-term and extreme tests and use computers to aid in evaluation.