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AMPShare - Powered by Bosch

AMPShare - A new era of the battery alliance has arrived

AMPShare is the shared battery system that lets you run many tools from many pro brands on just one battery. Together, we shared one vision. Today, we are proud to enter a new era with our partners – now united as the AMPShare battery alliance.

With AMPShare, founders and members reinforce their shared vision of providing professional users with the best and broadest 18 volt system that is compatible across brands, applications and countries.

Already more than 200 tools can be operated with one and the same 18-volt battery. With the establishment of the AMPShare alliance, the multi-brand battery alliance grows to more than 25 partners.

Many brands. Many tools. One battery system.

AMPShare is the shared battery system that gives you the flexibility to switch between pro tools and brands – without switching batteries. With just one fully compatible battery system, you can save time, money, space, and effort on all your professional jobs.

Available in different sizes and power capacities, AMPShare batteries make it easy for you to "click" your way through different tools and brands without thinking twice. Powered by leading battery technology from Bosch Professional, AMPShare batteries have a stellar track record for heavy-duty applications and for long runtimes thanks to excellent heat management.

AMPShare batteries are fully compatible with Bosch Professional 18V tools and chargers since 2008. With over 80 million batteries already sold and a growing list of pro brands, AMPShare is the future-ready battery platform you can build on.

SHARE THE POWER. A new era has begun.

Watch the AMPShare Alliance launch keynote here, in which Henk Becker, chairman of the Bosch Power Tools division board, addresses his words to professional users.

For more information on the AMPShare Battery Alliance, visit